STMicroelectronics – 1A low-side gate driver with configurable asymmetric sink/source


STMicroelectronics’ PM8851 is a high-frequency, low-side MOSFET driver. It has complementary Output pins to differentiate between sink and source driving; they have a current capability of 1A for the sink and 0.8A for the source.

The PM8851 includes both input and output pull-down resistors. Under-voltage lock-out circuitry for the input and output stages prevents the IC from driving an external MOSFET in unsafe conditions.

The PM8851’s small package allows it to be placed close to the gate of the driven MOSFET, reducing the risk of injecting high-frequency noise between the Output pin and the MOSFET’s Gate pin.

• Input-voltage range: 10V to 18V
• 30ns maximum propagation delay

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