STMicroelectronics – Driver IC optimised for FOC motor designs

STMicroelectronics’ L6230 is a fully integrated three-phase motor driver optimised for designs using field-oriented commutation, because it has an independent current-sense input for each phase.

The L6230 device provides a three-phase bridge, consisting of six 0.73Ω power MOSFETs with an intrinsic fast freewheeling diode. Cross-conduction protection is implemented by using a dead time of typically 1μs between the turn-off and turn-on of the two power MOSFETs in each leg of a bridge.

An uncommitted comparator with an open-drain output is available.

• Non-dissipative over-current protection on the high-side MOSFETs
• Thermal shut-down
• 1.4A maximum average current output

Orderable Part Number: STEVAL-IHM042V1

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