TE Connectivity – High-speed I/O interconnects support wide range of communications standards


TE Connectivity (TE) supplies a wide range of pluggable high-speed I/O solutions which support higher data rates than traditional copper interfaces, such as RJ45, can provide.

A pluggable I/O interface offers important advantages as a high speed I/O interconnect. With a standard I/O interface and the flexibility of pluggable modules, system designers can choose between fibre and copper links, and find interconnects suitable for various data rates and protocols. Standards supported by TE high-speed I/O solutions include Fibre Channel, Ethernet, InfiniBand and SAS.

By choosing TE connector components, OEMs benefit from the expertise of a company that has always been at the forefront of the development of pluggable I/O standards. TE continues to be engaged in the specification of new pluggable interface standards to meet the market’s rapidly changing needs for higher bandwidth. It has the technical expertise required to deliver superior designs providing for high signal integrity and low EMI at high data rates.


  • Provides a standard interface at the end equipment
  • Wide range of highly customisable passive and active copper cable assemblies
  • All connector cages are fully metal-shielded for grounding and EMI suppression
  • Thermally- and EMI-enhanced cages available for improved performance


  • Cellular infrastructure
  • Access routers and switches
  • High-end servers
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Network hubs
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