Vishay – New 600V power MOSFET lowers conduction and switching losses


Vishay Intertechnology has introduced the N-channel SiHP065N60E, the first device in its fourth generation of 600V E series power MOSFETs to be released.

Built using Vishay’s latest energy-efficient E series superjunction technology, the SiHP065N60E features low maximum on-resistance at a 10V gate-source voltage of 0.066Ω, some 30% lower than that of previous 600V E series MOSFETs. The new superjunction technology also produces a reduction in gate charge: at 49nC at 10V, it is 44% lower than in the earlier E series devices.

This means that the figure of merit of the SiHP065N60E, the product of the on-resistance and gate charge, is 25% lower than that of the closest competing MOSFET in the same class. The reduction in conduction and switching losses provided by the new device will help designers to achieve higher energy efficiency in power factor correction circuits and hard-switched DC-DC converter topologies.

The MOSFET is rated for a maximum continuous drain current of 25A at a case temperature of 100°C.


  • Low effective output capacitances improve switching performance
  • Withstands transient over-voltages in the avalanche mode with limits guaranteed through 100% UIS testing
  • 5V maximum gate-source threshold voltage
  • 0.5°C/W maximum junction-to-case thermal resistance
  • 1.2V maximum drain-source body diode forward voltage


  • Telecoms equipment
  • Enterprise power systems
  • High-intensity discharge lighting
  • Fluorescent ballast lighting
  • Welding equipment
  • Motor drives
  • Battery chargers
  • Solar inverters