Diodes Incorporated – Industry’s smallest USB2.0 signal multiplexer is just 0.35mm high


The Pericom Semiconductor product line of Diodes Incorporated has announced the release of the industry’s smallest USB2.0 signal multiplexer, which is ideal for use in portable and space-constrained designs.

The PI3USB102J is a bi-directional 2-to-1 signal multiplexer switch with a single differential channel. It causes little attenuation of the high-speed signals it carries, and low bit-to-bit skew. Operating at a very low current of 30nA, it operates over a wide temperature range – a useful feature in thin portable products which have no fan for forced-air cooling.

The device complies with the USB2.0 standard in its Low-Speed, Full-Speed and Hi-Speed versions. It is supplied in a ten-lead QFN package with a 1.2mm x 1.4mm footprint, and a height of just 0.35mm.

Featuring integrated over-voltage protection, the PI3USB102J can tolerate a short to the power-supply bus at the micro-USB or USB Type-CTM connector.


  • -29dB crosstalk at 480Mbits/s
  • 250ps propagation delay
  • 2.0Ω on-resistance at
  • 7pF maximum channel on-capacitance
  • Operating-temperature range: -20°C to 100°C


  • Handheld devices
  • Portable point-of-sale terminals
  • Consumer electronic devices