Hirose – Better quality. Better design. Better fit.


Why Hirose offers a better choice of connector for your next electronics product design.

Since Hirose was founded in 1937, it has earned a reputation in the electronics industry for the quality of its products, its design innovations, and its unrivalled range of miniature connectors.

Better quality
• Production and quality control operations are guided by the goal of achieving a zero defect rate in customer shipments.
• Hirose’s quality certificates include ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949 and ISO/IEC17025.

Better design
• Hirose’s Yokohama Center development operation in Japan produces a continual stream of design innovations and new products.
• Hirose’s product line-up includes more than 50,000 products, of which some 30% are classed as new products.
• Innovations include the FH63 FFC/FPC one-action lock connector that is suitable for assembly by a robot. DF57H, DF59, DF61 series that features the industries first swing-lock wire-to-board connector. DF37 board-to-board connector featuring ones of the industries lowest height profiles.

Better fit
• Hirose’s engineers are world-class experts in the miniaturisation of connectors, shrinking pitch, height and depth while maintaining signal integrity, power rating and mechanical strength.

Hirose connectors: a better choice for today’s demanding applications
With a line-up of more than 50,000 products, Hirose is sure to have a better connector option for almost any system design. These examples show some of the applications in which Hirose connectors are the perfect fit.


Security Camera

FPC/FFC connectors
FH12: low-profi le 0.5mm and 1mm pitch FPC/FFC connectors
FH28: robust 0.5mm and 1mm pitch FPC/FFC connectors
FH55: >5Gbits/s FPC connector with 0.4mm/0.5mm pitch

Optical connectors
BF4M: low-profi le active optical connector

I/O connectors
HR10, HR25: High performance, miniature circular connectors
HR30: miniature waterproof plastic connectors
HR25A: miniature push-pull circular connectors
TM11R: EMI-protected modular jacks compliant with ISO8877

Internal RF connectors
u.FL: small surface-mount coaxial connectors for frequencies up to 6GHz PL71, PL75: coaxial connectors with superior push-on locking mechanism

High-speed board-to-board connectors
FX18: 0.8mm pitch connector supporting data rates up to 10Gbits/s
FX23: 0.5mm pitch fl oating connectors



Embedded Wireless Module

Wire-to-board connectors
DF59: 2mm pitch multi-functional connector system
DF65: 1.7mm pitch low profi le connectors for power supplies
DF57: low-profile Swing-Lock connector for power complies with UL-CSA standards

Micro coaxial connectors/switches
U.FL: small surface-mount coaxial connectors for frequencies up to 6GHz
X.FL: lightweight surface-mount coaxial connectors with 0.94mm or 1.2mm mated height

Board-to-board connectors
DF40: 0.4mm pitch connector for high-density mounting
DF12: 0.5mm pitch connector supports automatic mounting
BM10: 0.4mm contact pitch, provides reliable electrical and mechanical connection

FPC/FFC connectors
FH34SRJ: 0.5mm pitch connector for space-constrained applications
FH19C/FH19SC: connector’s Flip-Lock actuator system assures easy and reliable operation
FH58: 0.2mm/0.25mm pitch connector has 0.9mm height

I/O connectors
TM24R: modular RJ-45 jack for high-speed transmission
ZX: Micro-USB connectors conform to USB 2.0 standard
CX: miniature USB Type-C connector supports 5Gbits/s data rate



Electric Motor

Wire-to-board connectors
GT8E: high contact-pressure connector resists mechanical stress
DF13: 1.25mm pitch miniature crimping connector complies with IEC 60695-2-11 glow wire standard
DF52: 0.8mm pitch connector is both small and robust

I/O connectors
HR34B: push-on bayonet-lock miniature waterproof connector
LF: miniature waterproof shielded connectors with up to 10A current rating
TM31P: modular RJ-45 plug connectors conform to CAT6A standard

Wire-to-wire connectors
DF60: 10.16mm pitch connectors for internal power supplies feature up to 65A current rating
DF63: 3.96mm pitch connector design prevents incorrect mating
DF62: 2.2mm pitch connectors fi t in small spaces


FPC/FFC ConnectorsPitch (mm)Height (mm)Depth (mm)Pin CountMax. Rated Current (A)
FH12SV (Vertical)0.5/1.04.853.8010 to 600.5
FH520.5/ to 600.5
FH34SRJ0.51.03.804 to 500.5
FH40 (vertical)0.55.803.5510 to 800.5
FH35C0.30.94.209 to 610.2
FH58/ FH58M0.2/ to 710.2
FH280.52.556.4010 to 800.5

Board-to-Board ConnectorsPitch (mm)Stacking Height (mm)Depth (mm)Pin CountMax. Rated Current (A)
DF120.53.0 to 5.04.6010 to 800.3
DF170.54.0 to 8.05.7020 to 800.3
BM200.40.6, 0.82.310 to 600.3
DF400.41.5 to 4.03.3810 to 1000.3
BM240.350.82.310 to 400.25 for signal 5 for power
BM280.350.61.76 to 600.3 for signal 4 for power
BM100.40.6, 0.82.9810 to 600.3
BM15FR0.350.7, 0.81.5810 to 300.3
BM220.40.92.644, 60.3 for signal 4 for power
BM250.40.72.606 (4 signal & 2 power)0.3 for signal 10 for power
BM140.40.8, 1.31.9810 to 640.3
DF370.40.98, 1.52.9810 to 740.3

Board-to-Wire ConnectorsPitch (mm)Height (mm)Depth (mm)Pin CountMax. Rated Current (A)
DF65 (Positive Lock)1.7Vertical: 1.806.303 to 74.0
DF13 (SMT Type)1.25 Single-rowVertical: 5.80 Horizontal: 3.60V: 3.40 H: 6.002 to 151.0
DF57H (Swing Lock)1.2Vertical: 1.404.652 to 62.5
DF201.0 Double- rowVertical: 5.80 Horizontal: 5.50V: 5.40 H: 6.2010 to 501.0
DF50A (Positive Lock)1.0 Single-rowVertical: 7.35 Horizontal: 7.05V: 6.85 H: 7.902 to 161.0
DF520.8Horizontal: 1.754.102 to 202.5
DF112.07.55 to 8.455.004 to 402.0
DF581.21.04.922 to 63.0

Micro Coaxial ConnectorsFrequency (GHz)Occupied Mounting Area (mm)Max. Stacking Height (A)
U.FLDC to 63.0 x 3.12.0, 2.5
W.FLDC to 62.0 x 2.01.65, 1.4
W.FL2DC to 62.0 x 2.01.18
X.FLDC to 6 DC to 12 (low loss)2.0 x 2.01.0 1.3 (low loss)

Micro Coaxial SwitchesFrequency (GHz)Occupied Mounting Area (mm)Max. Height (A)
MS-156C3DC to 112.3 x 2.31.35
MS-180DC to 111.8 x 1.80.85
MS-190DC to 111.45 x 1.450.68

I/O Connectors