Melexis – Programmable magnetic switches offer customisable operating thresholds


Melexis supplies an extensive range of magnetic, solid-state latches and switches which match or exceed the safety and power-consumption specifications of modern applications.

Solid-state latch and switch devices rely on the principles of the Hall effect to determine the physical position of an object by sensing the position of a paired magnet. These on/ off switching devices are very common in automotive applications such as brakes, gear shifters, door locks and seat belts.

While Melexis’ automotive-qualified devices are manufactured in the millions, their design offers the user flexibility to adapt them for use in various lower-volume industrial applications. An integrated EEPROM allows thresholds and compensation to be programmed into the device while on the production line, turning a standard part into a custom solution. By programming compensation curves, the devices can be used with low-cost magnets, thereby lowering the total cost of the sensing solution.

In addition, the highly flexible, high-accuracy second generation of Hall switches features an integrated capacitor for PCB-less installation in tight spaces.

Melexis’ newest device, the MLX92292, incorporates Triaxis® functionality, which offers a new way of sensing based on proprietary Integrated Magnetic Concentrator (IMCTM) technology. The ability to sense lateral or orthogonal magnetic fields brings the potential to replace multiple devices with a single sensor, saving valuable space and reducing bill-of-materials costs.


  • Operating-voltage range: 2.7V to 24V
  • Accurate switching thresholds
  • Reverse supply-voltage protection
  • Output-current limit with automatic shutdown
  • Under-voltage lockout protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Traceability with integrated unique identifier
  • Integrated self-diagnostic functions activating dedicated safe mode
  • Qualified to ISO26262-8:13 for use in safety-critical systems


  • Brake and clutch sensors
  • Sunroof/tailgate opener
  • Steering-column lock
  • Open/close detection
  • Brake light switch
  • Window lifter
  • Door lock
  • Seatbelt buckle
  • Seat positioning
  • Transmission applications
  • Electrical power steering