Panasonic – New evaluation kit with improved IR grid-array sensor enables fast prototyping of IoT applications



Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems has launched a new evaluation kit which features the second generation of its successful Grid-EYE infrared array sensor.

The new Grid-EYE 2nd Generation Evaluation Kit is based on the latest AMG8834 Grid-EYE sensor, which benefits from an improved noise equivalent temperature difference of 0.16°C at 10Hz and of 0.05°C at 1Hz. In addition, the new sensor can now detect IR radiation sources at a distance of 7m, up from 5m.

The innovative Grid-EYE sensor consists of an 8×8 array of IR pixels. It can be used for a wide variety of people-sensing and heat-detection applications.

In presence-detection applications, the Grid-EYE sensor is able to differentiate people from other heat sources such as displays or heaters. Moreover, as Grid-EYE is an IR sensor, it can detect people in almost any ambient light conditions. Another significant advantage of the Grid-EYE sensor is that, unlike a camera, its use does not intrude on personal privacy.

The person-detection capability can be used, for instance, for the automatic activation of lighting or of heating and air-conditioning equipment. The Grid-EYE sensor can also be used in the detection of damaging hot-spots in machines, automatic detection of people or animals inside vehicles, and contactless temperature measurement in industrial applications.

In the new Grid-EYE evaluation kit, the improved sensor is supported by upgraded design software, which runs on a PC. Panasonic has also released a smartphone app for the Apple® iOS operating environment, which customers can download free to test the basic functionality of the sensor.

Also new in the latest evaluation kit is Panasonic’s PAN1740 Bluetooth® Smart RF module, backed by a microcontroller. This combination of IR sensing and short-range wireless connectivity enables users to rapidly develop prototypes and build new Internet of Things applications.


  • Frame rate: 1 or 10 frames/s
  • ±2.5°C temperature-measurement accuracy
  • Temperature-measurement range: -20°C to 100°C
  • 60° field of view
  • 11.6mm x 4.3mm x 8.0mm package dimensions


  • Lighting
  • Air conditioners
  • Microwave ovens
  • Lifts
  • Automatic doors
  • Kiosks
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial equipment

Orderable Part Number: AMG8832EK