RECOM – 1W DC-DC converter offers up to 3kV isolation



RECOM’s new R1SX is a series of low-cost, isolated DC-DC converter modules housed in an open-frame, surface-mount package measuring 12.8mm x 11.1mm. The modules provide a single unregulated 3.3V or 5V output to loads of up to 1W.

There is no minimum load requirement, and quiescent power consumption is less than 150mW.

RECOM supplies the R1SX converters in either of two isolation options, 1kV or 3kV DC, which makes them an ideal solution for applications using isolated industrial communication protocols such as CAN bus.

The products are tested to withstand the rated over-voltage for 1 minute.

The converters can drive high capacitive loads of up to 2,200μF, some 40 times higher than that of comparable competing products. The R1SX converters can be used across an operating-temperature range of -40°C to 100°C without derating. The pin-out is an industry standard, and is compatible with RECOM’s R1S series. The new R1SX, however, is only half as high as the R1S devices, and has a profile some 20% lower than the industry standard.

The converters are fully certified to the IEC/ UL/EN62368-1 and UL60950-1 standards. Class A EMC compliance can be achieved without the need for any inductors. Class B EMC compliance requires a single surface- mount inductor.


  • 30mA quiescent current
  • Switching-frequency range: 20 to 100kHz
  • 100mV peak-to-peak maximum output ripple and noise
  • ±5% maximum output tolerance
  • Three-year warranty


  • Bus isolators
  • Earth-loop breakers
  • Noise and interference blockers
  • Multi-channel test and measurement equipment
  • Motor control systems
  • Industrial automation equipment
Part NumberNominal Input Voltage (V DC)Output Voltage (V DC)Output Current (mA)Typical Efficiency (%)Maximum Capacitive Load (μF)