STMicroelectronics – Bluetooth Low Energy RF SoC runs protocol stack and application code


The BlueNRG-1 from STMicroelectronics is a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) single-mode radio System-on-Chip (SoC) intended for use in wearable devices and short-range applications.

The BlueNRG-1 is an improved version of the BlueNRG network processor. The new SoC includes an ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor core which can run user application code as well as ST’s BLE protocol stack. The stack supports operation in master and slave roles, and dual roles simultaneously.

The BlueNRG-1 features 160kbytes of Flash memory, 24kbytes of static RAM and standard serial peripheral, UART and I2C communication interfaces. It also features multi-function timers, a watchdog timer, a real-time clock and a DMA controller.

An ADC provides an interface to analogue sensors, and can read the measurements made by the integrated battery monitor. A digital filter is available for processing a stream of pulse density modulation signals.

The chip’s radio provides up to 8dBm of output power at the antenna connector, and an excellent link budget of up to 96dB. It also provides an accurate received signal strength indicator to enable dynamic power control.

An efficient, integrated DC-DC converter helps the new SoC to keep power consumption low, aided by a reduction in sleep-mode current in the BlueNRG-1 compared to the BlueNRG. When transmitting, the device draws a maximum 8.2mA at 0dBm.

The BlueNRG-1 is supported by the STSW-BLUENRG1-DK evaluation software package, which provides a BLE binary library with a complete set of application programming interfaces and related-event callbacks. The software package also provides a set of BLE demonstration applications which come with a complete set of header and source files.


  • 1μA current in sleep mode with active BLE stack
  • Certified to ETSI EN 300 328, EN 300 440, FCC CFR47 Part 15, ARIB STD-T66
  • 14 or 15 GPIOs
  • Temperature sensor
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 105°C


  • Automotive products
  • Watches
  • Fitness and sports equipment
  • Consumer medical devices
  • Remote controls
  • Home and industrial automation
  • Assisted-living devices
  • Mobile phone peripherals
  • Lighting
  • PC peripherals