TE Connectivity – New thermocouple connector dramatically reduces termination time


TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced a connector for K-type thermocouples with a spring-clamp contact design which dramatically reduces wire termination time compared to standard screw-type contact systems. In addition, the contact force of the TE connector remains stable over time.

TE’s new K-type thermocouple connector in a thermoplastic housing provides easy connection to thermocouple wire. The spring terminal’s push-on lock allows for easy mating, while the unique shape of the metal locking mechanism prevents unintentional unmating. It is backed up by an audible click on mating.


  • Two positions for K-type thermocouples: + Chromel, – Alumel
  • Touch-proof design provides for IP20 rating
  • Supports free-hanging and panel-mount assemblies
  • Wire size range: AWG 32 to AWG 20
  • Operating-temperature range: -20°C to 220°C


  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Machine tools
Product TypePart Number
Receptacle connector1-2299959-1
Tab connector (free-hanging)1-2299960-1
Tab connector (panel-mount)2-2299960-1
Opener for spring terminal2295226-1
Strain relief for cable2295205-1
Grommet for cable2295225-1