Vishay – IR receiver modules in new side-view holder lower assembly costs and improve reliability


Vishay Intertechnology has extended its optoelectronics portfolio with the introduction of a new Pin-in-Paste (PiP) side-view metal holder for the company’s TSOP33xxx and TSOP53xxx series of Minimold infrared receiver modules.

As designers look to replace through-hole devices requiring wave soldering with higher-temperature equivalents, PiP technology has emerged as a cost-effective method for mounting components, together with surface-mount packages, using reflow soldering.

In the PiP process, after components are positioned on the PCB, the entire board is soldered at once using only the reflow oven, eliminating the wave-soldering step for through-hole devices. This results in a more reliable solder process flow at a lower cost.

Leg lengths of the holders are cut according to the thickness of the PCB. The Vishay devices are available with leg lengths adapted for the most common PCB thicknesses of 1.0mm and 1.6mm.

The new method of mounting the Minimold modules reduces the number of automatic insertion points, while improving co-linearity and grounding for better RF and EMI rejection. Clips securely hold the IR receiver module in place.

Dry-packed in stiff plastic trays for automatic pick-and-place assembly, the holders feature a large pick-and-place area, and clips to securely hold the IR receiver module.

Minimold is also available in a top-view surface-mount version.


  • 3-point, surface-mount solderable tabs
  • Large pick-and-place area
  • Receiver offers high sensitivity to IR radiation
  • Optional enhanced optical filter blocks out-of-band optical noise


  • IR remote controls
  • Consumer electronics
  • Air conditioners
  • Toys
Series NumberTSOP33xxxTSOP53xxx
Irradiance @ 0° (mW/m2)0.080.12
Supply Voltage (V)2.5-5.52.5-5.5
Supply Current (mA)0.350.7
Transmission Range (m)4545
Carrier Freq. (kHz)30-5630-56