Vishay – Photodetector features improved sensitivity to visible light and fast response times


Vishay’s VEMD5080X01 is a high- speed photodiode which has enhanced sensitivity to visible light.

A compact surface-mount device with a low profile of 0.9mm, it has a sensing area of 7.5mm2, and can detect visible and near- infrared radiation with a wavelength ranging from 350nm to 1,100nm. Its relative spectral sensitivity peaks at 950nm.

Providing a fast response to incident light, its rise and fall times are just 100ns. The photodiode’s low capacitance allows for fast sampling rates and precise signal detection, while its sensitivity to green light has been increased by 30% compared to previous generations of the product.

This makes the VEMD5080X01 ideal for optical heart-rate monitoring in wearable devices when used in combination with Vishay’s VLMTG1400 green LED. Because of its broad spectral sensitivity, it is also able to provide pulse oximetry measurements when used with Vishay’s VSMD66694 dual-colour LED.


  • ±65° angle of half sensitivity
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 110°C
  • AEC-Q101 qualified


  • Particle and dust sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Automotive sensors
  • Optical heart-rate monitoring