Lumileds – LEDs created with one market in mind: Horticulture.


The future of horticulture LED lighting is here: LUXEON SunPlus Series from Lumileds. Delivering lighting that’s consistent, sustainable and precise, these industry-leading LEDs are the only light engines binned and tested based on photosynthetic photon flux – ensuring proper light absorption for a variety of plants and crops. If you’re ready to enter the expanding horticulture market, make sure you do it with the only purpose-built LEDs up to the task: the LUXEON SunPlus Series. For more information, contact your Lumileds sales representative or visit us online.

Part NumberColourDominant or Peak Wavelength (nm) - MinimumDominant or Peak Wavelength (nm) - MaximumLuminous Flux (lm) or Radiometric Power (mW) - MinimumLuminous Flux (lm) or Radiometric Power (mW) - Typical
L135-A589003500000PC Amber24.035.0
L135-U450003500000Royal Blue440455130155

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