Lumileds – LEDs provide high-quality coloured light output


The LUXEON 3535L Color Line from Lumileds is a series of high-quality colour LEDs producing red, red- orange, Phosphor-Converted (PC) amber, lime, green and blue single- colour outputs.

The LUXEON 3535L PC amber LED can replace three 2200K LEDs in a warm dimming lamp while providing best-in-class flux and best-in-class hot/cold factor – the ratio of flux at 85 ̊C relative to flux at 25 ̊C. This gives the designers of warm dimming bulbs the chance to benefit from both higher lm/W and lm/$.

The LUXEON 3535L lime LED makes colour- changing bulbs much more affordable. When mixed with red, the lime LED’s unique colour point enables much warmer white light to be created than combinations of off-white plus red can achieve. The LUXEON 3535L lime LED features a typical flux of 56 lumens at a drive current of 100mA, measured at 25 ̊C. Efficacy is high at 190lm/W.

Designs based on the LUXEON 3535L Color Line can use the same optics as the LUXEON C, LUXEON Rebel Color LEDs and LUXEON Z Color emitters.


  • Industry-standard package for drop-in replacement of existing 3535 devices
  • Single-die and single-source architecture for optical control
  • 115° typical viewing angle
  • Maximum junction temperature:
    - 125°C for red, red-orange, PC amber, lime, blue and royal blue LEDs
    - 115°C for green LED


  • Architectural and entertainment lighting
  • Colour-tunable lamps
  • Lighting for emergency vehicles
  • Signage