Lumileds – Lighting product platform offers infinitely configurable integrated LED light solutions


The Lumileds Matrix Platform offers manufacturers of lighting equipment a turnkey solution for LED lighting, using components, optics and LUXEON LEDs assembled on a wide selection of substrate materials.

The platform provides a way for luminaire manufacturers to take advantage of robust designs tailored to their specific design requirements, and produced quickly to help them deal with tight time-to-market pressures. New designs can be productised from concept to market in as little as four months. Off-the- shelf products are stocked at Future and are readily available.

Lumileds engages customers on solutions at various levels based on customers’ needs, by combining industry-leading LUXEON LEDs with the power of Lumiled’s proprietary Advance Technologies.


The LUXEON XR-TX LED modules are optimised for lighting applications requiring high-efficacy LED arrays mounted on a rigid and thermally-conductive substrate. These versatile building blocks feature 12 LUXEON TX LEDs on a metal-core PCB substrate with electrical connectors, and are designed for ease of system integration, faster time to market, and use with industry-standard optics.

• 3,300 lumen output at 140lm/W efficacy
• CCT range: 4000K-5700K
• 70 CRI
• 150mm x 45mm footprint for use with standard third-party optics

The LUXEON XR-M products are LED modules for lighting applications requiring high-power LED arrays mounted on a rigid and thermally-conductive substrate. The four-LED square version is a complete IP66 solution when used in combination with standard third-party optics and heat-sink.

• CCT options: 4000K, 5000K and 5700K
• 70 CRI
• May be used with off-the-shelf, readily available individual lenses and lens plates for easy system integration
• Constant board-to-board LED pitch for versatile system design
• Linear and square board options
• Metal-core PCB for efficient heat dissipation and mechanical robustness

The LUXEON XF-3014 CV is for constant-voltage applications which require a flexible design capable of maintaining uniform light distribution over long lengths. The LUXEON XF-3014 CV current-regulated flexible strips come in various lengths and are either cuttable or include snap-together connectors for precision design. The LUXEON XF-3014 CV is designed for ease of system integration, faster time to market and best-in-class reliability.

• 112 lumens per 96mm segment with efficacy of 105lm/W at 24V
• 80 CRI
• 2700K, 3000K and 4000K CCT options
• <2% light output attenuation over 10m length
• Easy mounting and assembly

The LUXEON XR-3535L is for lighting applications requiring linear LED arrays mounted on a rigid and thermally-conductive substrate. The product provides excellent performance and offers the quality of light needed for distributed light sources.

• Light-output range: 1,400-1,500 lumens
• Efficacy up to 152lm/W
• CCT range: 3000K-5000K
• 80 CRI
• Super CEM3 rigid substrate for mechanical robustness and efficient heat dissipation
• Snap-together or push-button terminal blocks
• Zhaga-certified mechanical design

LUXEON XR-3020 products are ultra-slim linear LED modules for narrow, 20mm-wide lighting applications such as fluorescent tube replacements. The integrated XR-3020 comes in 1-foot and 2-foot versions with 24 or 48 LEDs mounted on a CEM3 thermally-conductive substrate.

• 1,100 lumen or 2,200 lumen packages driven at 100mA/LED and a 45°C board temperature
• 160lm/W for maximum light output and low power consumption
• Zhaga-compatible screw-hole locations
• CCT range: 3000K-5000K
• CRI: 80 or 90
• LUXEON 3020 3V mid-power LEDs
• >50,000 hours L70 lifetime
• High light-output uniformity and colour control

The LUXEON XF-3535L is a fully integrated solution for lighting applications requiring flexible linear LED arrays. By using this turnkey solution, lighting equipment manufacturers can reduce time-to-market and simplify the supply chain.

• Light-output range: 1,000-5,000 lumens
• Efficacy up to 157lm/W
• CCT range: 2200K-5700K
• CRI range: 70-90
• Solder terminals or push-in wire connectors for easy electrical connection