Nichia – LED with unique hexagonal die combines high flux and efficacy


Nichia’s new NVSW319A is a compact 3W packaged LED in an industry- standard 3535 footprint which delivers outstanding performance with no lumen maintenance trade-off.

Lighting systems based on the 319A benefit from superior colour uniformity thanks to unique phosphor-coating technology developed by Nichia.

The Nichia 319A, which has a unique hexagonal die shape, is footprint- and optic- compatible with most existing 3535 LEDs. This gives designers an easy way to upgrade the performance of existing lighting products: they can use the 319A either to increase system efficacy and save power, or to boost light output without increasing power consumption.

Because the Nichia 319A delivers almost 40% higher flux at the same efficacy level as other 3535 LEDs, designers can also reduce system cost in new designs. Product performance can be maintained with 25% fewer LEDs, thereby reducing bill-of-materials costs. A wide range of secondary optics for the 319A is available.

The LED’s superior performance is achieved with no trade-off on lumen maintenance. The Nichia 319A is rated for an L90 lifetime of more than 100,000 hours*. For applications requiring maximum output, the 319A can provide more than 800lm at a drive current of 2,000mA, while still offering efficacy of 127lm/W.

Nichia 319A is available in multiple CCT and CRI options: 2700K to 5000K in both 70 and 80 CRI, and 5700 to 6500K in 70 CRI.


  • Wide range of LEDIL Strada lenses available
  • Excellent mechanical, optical and electrical compatibility
  • Support of broad ecosystem
  • 480lm output at 1,050mA
  • 164lm/W efficacy at 700mA


  • Outdoor area lighting
  • Streetlights
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Professional flashlights
  • High-intensity accent lamps with a tight beam