STMicroelectronics – Power controller for LED lighting offers high power factor, efficiency and reliability


Operating directly from the rectified mains, STMicroelectronics’ HVLED001A quasi-resonant controller for LED lighting integrates both high- and low-voltage circuitry on the same chip, eliminating the cost of external high- voltage components.

Offering a high power factor greater than 0.9, low total harmonic distortion of less than 10%, and high conversion efficiency of more than 90%, the HVLED001A helps lighting equipment manufacturers to comply with stringent standards governing lighting fixtures.

ST’s HVLED001A is an enhanced peak current-mode controller capable of controlling flyback or buck-boost topologies in LED drivers that have an output power of up to 150W. Other topologies, such as buck, boost and SEPIC, can also be implemented.

ST’s innovative high-voltage silicon technology allows for direct connection of the HVLED001A to the input voltage to start-up the device and to monitor the input voltage, without the need for external components.

The device embeds advanced features to control either the output voltage or the output current precisely and reliably using few, mainly passive components. It also controls operation of the power circuit under abnormal conditions such as an open circuit, output short-circuit, input over-voltage or under-voltage, open loop or over-current.


  • Low start-up and quiescent currents
  • Programmable minimum Off time
  • Input-voltage detection for high power factor and to trigger protection function
  • Smart auto-reload timer provides for latch-free operation
  • Compatible with 0 to 10V and PWM dimming schemes
  • Remote Control pin


  • Single-stage LED drivers supporting loads up to 75W
  • Two-stage LED drivers supporting loads up to 150W

The STEVAL-ILL074V1 provides a stable and insulated 52V bus suitable for secondary-side circuitry such as LED current sources. It can support loads of up to 60W while operating from a wide input-voltage range.

Orderable Part Number: STEVAL-ILL074V1