STMicroelectronics – Single-channel LED driver supports digital and analogue dimming


The LED6001 from STMicroelectronics is an LED driver which combines a boost controller and high-side current sensing circuitry, and may be used to drive one string of high-brightness LEDs.

The controller supports the use of various conversion topologies such as boost, SEPIC and floating-load buck-boost regulation. It operates from an input-voltage range of 5.5V to 36V, and supplies an output of up to 60V. It includes a 5V LDO supplying a gate driver for an external MOSFET, and an internal 3.3V LDO supplying the device itself.

The brightness of the LEDs can be controlled in either of two ways:
• enhanced PWM dimming is implemented in tandem with a MOSFET in series with the LED string, and directly driven via a dedicated pin
• analogue dimming at a 10:1 ratio

High-side current sensing, in combination with a P-channel MOSFET, provides effective protection if the positive terminal of the LED string is shorted to ground. Operating at a high level of precision, the current-sensing circuitry enables LED current regulation accurate to within ± 4% over temperature range and production population.

ST also offers an automotive-grade version of this product, the AEC-Q100 qualified ALED6001. This is ideal for automotive exterior lighting systems, including high and low beam and daytime running lights.



  • <10μA shut-down current
  • External synchronisation for multi-device applications
  • Fixed internal soft-start
  • Open-drain fault output
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Output over-voltage protection
  • LED over-current protection


  • Indoor and architectural LED lighting
  • Emergency LED lighting
  • Off-grid LED streetlights
  • Advertising panels and signage
  • White goods
  • Gaming and gambling machines

The STEVAL-ILL049V12 evaluation board provides an example of a compact LED driver which implements both the boost and SEPIC topologies.

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