Vishay – New 30V TrenchFET Gen IV power MOSFET offers industry-low on-resistance


Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new 30V N-channel TrenchFET® Gen IV power MOSFET which enables power-system designers to achieve increased power density and higher power efficiency.

The Vishay SiA468DJ offers lower on-resistance and supports a higher continuous drain current than any other 30V MOSFET that is housed in a 2mm x 2mm plastic package. Its PowerPAK SC-70 package is 60% smaller than that of comparable MOSFETs in a PowerPAK 1212 package.

It is ideal for use in DC-DC conversion and back-to-back load switching for battery management in mobile devices and power supplies.

The on-resistance of the Vishay SiA468DJ is some 51% lower than that of the previous generation of Vishay 30V MOSFETs, and 7% lower than that of the closest competing device.

The MOSFET’s continuous drain-current rating is also 68% higher than that of previousgeneration Vishay devices and 50% higher than that of the closest competing product. This provides an ample safety margin for applications that encounter high transient currents.


  • 0.0084Ω maximum on-resistance at 10V
  • 0.0114Ω maximum on-resistance at 4.5V
  • 8.2nC typical gate charge at 10V
  • 37.8A maximum continuous drain current


  • Virtual-reality headsets
  • DC-DC converter bricks
  • Wireless chargers
  • Motor-drive control systems