C&K – Tactile and slide switches for wearable devices offer long cycle life


Advances in semiconductor device capabilities, increases in communication speed and bandwidth, and the ready availability of cloud storage are driving explosive growth in the market for wearable devices. By enabling the monitoring, storage and analysis of real-time data, wearables are revolutionising activities such as personal health and fitness, safety and security, productivity and recreation.

To meet the needs of this emerging market, C&K offers a wide selection of switches which offer features including miniature size, long cycle life, resistance to corrosive liquids such as sweat and body fluids, and the ability to customise haptic features such as sound and feel.

Popular tactile switches used in wearable applications include the following series of product:
• KMT0
• KXT3
• PTS525
• PTS530
• PTS540
• PTS645
• PTS810
• PTS820

Slide switches for wearable devices include the AYZ and PCM series.


  • Miniature and ultra-miniature form factors
  • Ability to withstand harsh operating conditions and corrosive environments
  • Operating lifetime up to 1 million cycles
  • May be customised to specific customer requirements


  • Smart watches
  • Activity trackers
  • Medical pendents
  • Biosensors
  • Smart glasses
  • Smart clothing
  • Action/body-worn cameras