Cypress – New 64Mbit and 128Mbit NOR Flash memories offer security, reliability and performance


Cypress Semiconductor has introduced new 64Mbit and 128Mbit versions of its FL-L family of 3.0V NOR Flash memories which have a Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (Quad SPI). They add to the existing 256Mbit ICs in the FL-L family.

These NOR Flash ICs provide very high reliability and security when used in high-performance embedded systems, enabling the storage of missioncritical data even while operating over an extended temperature range. They are ideal for code shadowing to RAM, executing code directly with Execute In Place (XIP), and storing re-programmable data.

The FL-L devices, which consume little power, feature a high Read bandwidth and fast programming times.

The 128Mbit S25FL128L and 256Mbit S25FL256L Flash devices support 133MHz Single Data Rate (SDR) and 66MHz Double Data Rate (DDR) operation for bandwidth of 67Mbits/s. The 64Mbit S25FL064L device uses a 54MHz DDR mode to deliver Read bandwidth of 54Mbits/s.

In addition, all the FL-L devices use small, uniform 4kbyte erase sectors, allowing them to store programme code and parametric data in the most effective way. They also provide four security regions of 256bytes each outside the main Flash array.

The memories draw a low current in stand-by mode, and also provide a deep power-down mode to extend battery run-time in mobile applications.

They are available in versions rated for various operating-temperature ranges, including an extended automotive-grade version operating from -40°C to 125°C.


  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • 0.3ms programme time for 256bytes in 128Mbit and 256Mbit parts
  • Up to 237kbytes/s erase rate
  • Command sub-set- and footprint-compatible with S25FL-A, S25FL1-K, S25FL-P, S25FL-S and S25FS-S families
  • 100,000 Programme/erase cycles
  • 20 years’ data retention


  • Advanced driver assistance systems Automotive instrument clusters
  • Infotainment systems
  • Industrial control systems
  • Smart factory equipment
  • Networking equipment
  • IoT devices
  • Video game consoles
  • Set-top boxes