ROHM Semiconductor – Upgraded tri-axis accelerometer offers low trigger threshold of 3.9mg


The KXTJ3 from Kionix, part of the ROHM group, is a new and improved version of the company’s family of tri- axis MEMS accelerometers. Housed in a 2mm x 2mm x 0.9mm, 12-pin LGA package, it is pin-compatible with the earlier KXTJ2 series, and thus provides an easy upgrade path for users of the older device.

In the new KXTJ3, the maximum full-scale measurement range has been extended to ±16g. The measurement range is user- configurable to ±2g, ±4g, ±8g or ±16g. In addition, the wake-up and interrupt circuitry has been refined, now providing a configurable threshold with a minimum value of 3.9mg.

The KXTJ3’s improved sensor element offers lower noise performance, rated at 150μg/√Hz. The accelerometer is also notable for its stable performance over temperature: its zero-g offset is ±25mg, and the temperature variation of the offset is just 0.2mg/°C.

Applications requiring high sensitivity can be catered for by the KXTJ3, which can measure at a resolution up to 1,024 counts/g in 14-bit or 12-bit mode. It is also suitable for battery- powered and power-constrained applications, drawing just 0.9μA in stand-by mode, and 10μA in low-power mode.


  • Supply-voltage range: 1.71V to 3.6V
  • User-configurable output data rates from 0.781Hz to 1,600Hz
  • Highly configurable interrupt control
  • Embedded low-pass filter
  • Self-test function
  • I2C interface


  • Consumer electronics devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial equipment

Orderable Part Number: EVAL-KXTJ3-1057