TE Connectivity – Development boards for sensor applications



Sensor development board for pressure, temperature and humidity measurement

The MEAS PICtail® Plus for Microchip Explorer 16 from TE Connectivity (TE) is a simple way to interface with TE’s board-mountable sensors. The board features a PIC24FJ128GA010 microcontroller from Microchip.

The board features the following TE sensors:

HTU21D – a digital humidity sensor with temperature output. Setting new standards for size and intelligence, the HTU21D is embedded in a DFN package with a small 3mm x 3mm footprint. It provides calibrated, linearised signals in a digital I2C format.

MS5637 – a compact micro-altimeter. Highly precise, the MS5637 can measure altitude at sea level to a resolution of 13cm. The sensor module provides digital 24-bit pressure and temperature values, and offers various operating modes which allow the user to optimise for conversion speed or current consumption.

TSYS01 – a digital temperature sensor IC which draws a maximum operating current of 12.5μA from a supply voltage ranging from 2.2V to 3.6V. It provides temperature measurements which are accurate to ±1°C via an I2C or serial peripheral interface.

MS8607 – a combined pressure, humidity and temperature sensor. High pressure resolution combined with high linearity make the MS8607 ideal for environmental monitoring and altimeter functions in mobile devices, as well as pressure/humidity/temperature applications such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, and weather stations.


The MEAS Pi Weather Shield provides the necessary hardware to interface environmental sensors from TE to any system that uses Raspberry Pi-compatible expansion ports configurable for I2C communication.

Sensors on the Weather Shield for Raspberry Pi include the HTU21D sensor, a self-contained humidity and temperature sensor which is fully calibrated
during manufacturing. The sensor can operate from 1.5V to 3.6V, has selectable resolution, low-battery detection, and checksum capability.

The shield also features:
• MS5637 pressure and temperature sensor
• TSYS01 temperature sensor
• TSD305-1C55 contactless temperature measurement system (thermopile)


Weather Shield for Arduino or Genuino motherboard

The MEAS Weather Shield provides the necessary hardware to interface five environmental sensors from TE to any system that uses Arduino or Genuino motherboard-compatible expansion ports configurable for I2C communication.

The Weather Shield features these TE sensors:
• HTU21D digital relative humidity sensor
• MS5637 digital barometric pressure sensor
• TSYS01 temperature sensor
• MS8607 digital relative humidity and pressure sensor
• TSD305-1C55 digital thermopile sensor

The performance characteristics of the board include a 0-100% relative humidity measurement range, 300-1,200mbar pressure measurement range, temperature measurements accurate to a maximum of ±0.5°C with the TSYS01, and contactless temperature measurements from 0°C to 100°C using the TSD305-1C55.


TE supplies sensor boards that are compatible with the Grove System, for developers who prefer this platform for embedded designs.

Grove System-compatible boards are available for:

• HTU21D relative humidity and temperature sensor
• MS5637 digital barometric pressure and temperature sensor
• MS8607 digital pressure, relative humidity and temperature sensor
• TSYS01 digital temperature sensor
• KMA36 universal magnetic encoder for precise rotational position measurement
• TSYS02D digital temperature sensor
Orderable Part Numbers:
DPP101G000 – Grove MS5637
DPP201G000 – Grove TSYS01
DPP202G000 – Grove TSYS02D
DPP301G000 – Grove HTU21D
DPP401G000 – Grove KMA36
DPP901G000 – Grove MS8607
DPP902S000 – Arduino Weather Shield
DPP903M000 – PICtail® Weather Board
DPP904R000 – Raspberry Pi Weather Shield