Aavid Thermalloy – New online tool makes design of custom heat-sinks quick and easy


The Aavid Genie is an online thermal design application developed by Aavid Thermalloy which allows power-system design engineers to develop heat-sinks to fit their application without the need to hire an engineering consultant or to licence expensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software.
Registration is free and it is free to start designing. Aavid Genie works on a credits system: engineers may use it on a pay-as- you-go basis. Credits are not charged to the user’s account until they are ready to view the software’s simulation of the configured custom heat-sink’s performance – a clear difference from the charging models applied by licenced software vendors or outside service suppliers.

Users can purchase one or more credits at their discretion, and can use these credits to run thermal simulations or to purchase drawings or CAD models of their designs.

Credits never expire and can be used any time.

As well as being convenient, with an easily understood charging model, Aavid Genie is faster than alternative heat sink design methods. It runs its thermal simulations in minutes, much faster than current industry software. Even non-technical users can build a manufacturable heat-sink in less than 15 minutes, provided they know the values for basic parameters such as the application’s environmental conditions, allowable pressure drop, the allowable heat-sink volume and the heat load and maximum temperature.

Another advantage of using an online design tool is that users greatly reduce the amount of time spent communicating requirements to other members of a development project or co-ordinating with external engineers.

The Aavid Genie has a streamlined, user- friendly interface which eases the process of thermal device design. Within the app, there are also helpful tips and guides for optimising a heat-sink. The tool will also guide users through suitable technology options, and alert the user when a configuration is close to violating the maximum values set at the beginning of the process.


It is free to register with Aavid Genie and to start designing a thermal solution. The online users pay for each new simulation. Each thermal simulation costs one Credit and includes a thermal report.

On completion of a heat-sink design and simulation, users have various options for realising the design.

Users can:
• request a quote for prototypes or production
• ask for design help
• purchase files to continue designing

Drawings and CAD models of a heat-sink design cost an additional 15 credits, and may be downloaded immediately.


• Multiple heat sources and heat source placements
• Customisation for each heat source
• Set flow rate and direction
• Basic heat pipe modelling
• Multiple heat-sink constructions and fin types
• Technology and flow-rate comparison matrices
• Thermal contouring and multi-directional views
• Drawings and 3D CAD model development
• Easy cost estimation process