ams – Contactless sensor provides small, low-power position- sensing solution for robotics systems

ams offers a broad magnetic position sensor portfolio that enables robot system designers to match the most appropriate position sensor to their particular application.

The sensors from ams provide highly accurate angle measurements for position sensing and dynamic motor control.

Robust on-chip differential signal processing helps to suppress the influence of any homogeneous external stray magnetic fields.

Low-power modes provide for reduced power consumption and extend runtime in battery-powered applications.

All device configurations can be programmed permanently over a digital standard interface with no special programmer required.


  • AS5510: 10-bit resolution = 1,024 positions over linear range up to 2.0mm
  • AS5600: 12-bit resolution, easy programming of angle-measurement range from 18° up to full 360° rotation
  • AS5047P: DAECTM feature for high accuracy at rotation speeds up to 28krpm
  • AS5311: maximum linear measurement speed is 650mm/s


  • Robotics
  • Motor-control systems

Orderable Part Numbers:
AS5510-WL_EK_DB: Demo kit for AS5510
AS5600-SO_RD_ST: Contactless potentiometer reference design for AS5600
AS5047P-TS_EK_AB: Adapterboard for AS5047P
AS5311-TS_EK_AB: Adapterboard for AS5311