Intersil – Configurator tool helps designers quickly choose the right power-circuit components


The PowerCompassTM tool from Intersil is a configurator software product for power-systems designers who are developing circuits supplying multiple loads.

It helps users to quickly identify parts that match their requirements, set up multiple rails, perform high-level system analysis, and generate custom reference design files.

The PowerCompass tool is available as an online web app, and as an offline downloadable app. The data are the same on both the online and offline versions. The online app is faster and can be used directly in the browser without downloading any files, so most users will want to use this version.

The offline tool is better for engineers who are using the Power Cross-Reference tool, or who prefer to run the tool locally in case online resources are not readily available.

Power-system designers can open a new project in the PowerCompass tool and start from scratch, or modify one of more than 250 templates provided in the tool for devices such as FPGAs and microcontrollers. After entering inputs, outputs and other important specifications into the tool, it provides suggested parts, allows the user to select and compare parts, and provides a high-level analysis of the chosen components’ performance in the application.

For schematic-enabled parts, users can also generate customised reference design files to get a bill-of-materials and a set of base schematics with all the associated blocks connected together, simplifying the design effort.


  • Sort results by closest match to specification or by price
  • Rename input rails and outputs to match system names
  • Save and load user design configurations
  • Visually indicate sequencing requirements of the regulator outputs
  • Automatically generate a block diagram colour-coded by system input rail
  • Define output regulator requirements such as LDO or synchronisation
  • Estimate power requirements at each input rail and output regulator


  • Power-system design for FPGAs or microcontrollers