Lumileds – Breakthrough in LED system design and manufacturing after launch of Matrix Platform Advanced Technologies


Lumileds has announced Advanced Technologies, key components of its Matrix Platform, which streamlines the development of integrated, fully assembled LED light engines.

Lumileds works with Matrix Platform customers to meet their requirements for quality, performance and time to market. In fact, lighting OEMs can often shave weeks or months off the production time required for a traditional assembly process, while also benefitting from high product reliability. Overall, the Matrix Platform offers manufacturers the benefits of faster time to market, greater supply-chain efficiency and reduced inventory.

The Matrix Platform family includes both custom tailored solutions and readily available products on both rigid and flexible substrates.

The new Advanced Technologies offered on the Matrix Platform include the following:

Oberon Intelligent Assembly
This proprietary pick-and-place system features the industry’s only algorithmic LED mixing technology, guaranteeing consistent characteristics and performance from board to board. Unlike contract manufacturers which mix based on the flux or forward voltage of a binned LED, Oberon eliminates bins and selects LEDs based on specific test data. This results in higher flux, tighter colour control, strings with matched forward voltage, and board-to-board consistency for applications in which uniformity is important, such as streetlights and retail lighting.

Integrated Light Guides
These advanced components soften high-intensity LED pixels to create a more uniform light surface, an increasingly important requirement as luminaire form factors become smaller and smaller.

Drawing on decades of experience with technology for thinner LED-based television screens, Lumileds has developed ultra-thin light guides capable of providing an unprecedented level of light control. Luminaires with Integrated Light Guide technology minimise pixellation to create more visually pleasing light and an enhanced ambience.


Integrated Drivers
These application-specific topologies are designed to address the trend of incorporating more electronic components, including the power source, into a fully integrated, driver-on-board LED system. Integrated Drivers can also be tailored to a manufacturer’s unique requirements, helping to improve system-level optimisation.

Integrated Drivers dramatically simplify fixture design and reduce space requirements, offering manufacturers the flexibility to design more streamlined, elegant luminaires. This technology’s benefits extend beyond aesthetics, providing system-level cost savings made possible by smaller form factors.


Connectivity and Controls
This sophisticated functionality allows lighting designers to bring cutting-edge luminaires to market that can be controlled remotely, using an app or other device.

Lumileds has used driver-based integration best practices to develop state- of-the-art Connectivity and Controls technology. Thanks to a robust selection of wired and wireless protocols intelligently integrated into the electronics of the LED system, manufacturers can achieve an accelerated time to market.


Dimming Electronics
This patented circuit technology allows LEDs to mimic the warm, yellow dimming pattern that is the hallmark of halogen bulbs by controlling both a warm and a cool LED with two drivers which pair seamlessly with simple single-channel drivers.

Ideal for interior and accent lighting, this emerging technology allows manufacturers to balance the brightness of each fixture to create a desired warm effect on dimming. By augmenting existing single-LED driver fixtures with this incremental functionality, manufacturers can quickly and easily extend product offerings with LED luminaires which achieve a dim-to-warm capability.