Lumileds – New UV LED offers twice the irradiance power of industry’s previous smallest UV emitter


Lumileds has introduced the LUXEON UV U1 LED for use in UV curing, counterfeit detection, analytical instrumentation, inspections and other UVA and Violet (380-420nm) applications.

The third generation of UV LEDs from Lumileds, the LUXEON UV U1 maintains the same small package size as the earlier LUXEON Z UV, but offers a higher power density. The LUXEON UV U1 is a drop-in replacement for the LUXEON Z UV, while providing twice as much radiometric power as its predecessor at 380-390nm, a popular wavelength range for UV curing applications.

The LUXEON UV U1 also features a robust design which has no silicone – which tends to yellow and crack on exposure to UV light – and no wire bonds, which can suffer from catastrophic connection failures. As a result, the LUXEON UV U1 can offer high reliability, an important attribute for customers which commonly run equipment continuously, and require a product to perform as specified for longer than 20,000 hours.

The LUXEON UV U1 LED is nominally tested at 500mA, but can be driven at up to 1A to achieve higher irradiance values. For UV curing at 395nm, the LUXEON UV U1 LED achieves a power output of 675mW at 500mA and 1,283mW at 1A at operating temperatures below 25°C.

The surface-mount LEDs can be tightly assembled with spacing as small as 200μm for high flux density.


  • 1.7mm x 1.3mm board footprint
  • Undomed for precise optical control
  • 140° typical viewing angle
  • Available in peak wavelengths of 385nm, 395nm, 405nm or 415nm
  • 3.5K/W thermal resistance
  • 3.4V maximum forward voltage


  • Analytical instruments
  • Curing equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Security systems
  • UV photo-reaction systems