Nexperia – 100V N-channel gate-drive MOSFET offers high efficiency in switching power converters

Nexperia has released the latest product in its NextPower family of gate-drive MOSFETs.

The PSMN8R5-100PSF is a 100V gate-drive MOSFET which is qualified for operation at temperatures up to 175°C. Featuring a maximum drain current of 98A, it is intended for use in industrial and consumer applications.

The PSMN8R5-100PSF is suitable for use as the power switch in the synchronous rectification circuit in both AC-DC and DC-DC converters, in which its support for fast switching and low spiking are valuable. It can also be used in full-bridge and half-bridge power circuits, and in power converters based on flyback or resonant topologies.

The device has a low reverse-recovery charge for low body-diode losses, and offers fast reverse-recovery times.

The PSMN8R5-100PSF MOSFET’s figure of merit – the product of gate charge and on-resistance – is also low, helping users to achieve high efficiency in switching power converters.

Nexperia has also recently introduced the PSMN018-100PSF, another 100V gate-drive MOSFET. It has a maximum drain current of 53A.


  • 7.5mΩ on-resistance at a drain current of 25A
  • 44.5nC total gate charge
  • 281mJ maximum non-repetitive avalanche energy
  • TO220 package measuring 15.6mm x 10mm x 4.4mm


  • Brushed and brushless DC motor control
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Solar inverters
  • LED lighting
  • Battery protection