Nexperia – 20V, dual N-channel trench MOSFET produces low leakage current

The PMDXB600UNEL from Nexperia is a dual N-channel enhancement-mode MOSFET which has a maximum drain- source voltage rating of 20V.

Housed in a small, leadless DFN1010B-6 (SOT1216) surface- mount package measuring 1.1mm × 1.0mm × 0.37mm, the PMDXB600UNEL is notable for its low leakage current:

• drain leakage current is a maximum 25nA at a drain-source voltage of 5V and at 25°C
• gate leakage current is a maximum ±50nA at a gate-source voltage of ±1.8V, again at 25°C

The PMDXB600UNEL’s package features an exposed drain pad for improved thermal conductivity. Thermal resistance from junction to solder point is just 31K/W.

Drain-source on-resistance is rated at a low 470mΩ, helping the device to achieve good efficiency in switching power converters.

In addition to the PMDXB600UNEL, Nexperia supplies the PMCXB900UEL, a 20V complementary N-/P-channel counterpart to the PMDXB600UNEL, and the PMDXB950UPEL, a 20V, dual P-channel MOSFET. Both these parts also offer low-leakage operation.


  • 600mA maximum continuous drain current
  • 2.5A peak pulsed drain current
  • 0.4A maximum source current
  • >1kV ESD protection on the human body model
  • Operating-temperature range:
    -55°C to 150°C


  • Battery-operated and low-power applications
  • Relay drivers
  • High-speed line drivers
  • Low-side load switches
  • Switching circuits