NXP – Analogue controller SoC can drive up to eight valves and a pump


The MC34SB0800 octal valve and pump controller System-on-Chip (SoC) from NXP Semiconductors provides a highly integrated solution for driving proportional and digital valves, as well as a pump. It is ideal for applications which are required to drive hydraulic or pneumatic valves with a simple electronic circuit.

The MC34SB0800 consists of four regulated low-side drivers and four low-side digital drivers, plus a high-side driver to control a DC motor.

NXP also supplies a valve and pump control reference design based on the MC34SB0800 SoC together with a Kinetis® microcontroller and two power MOSFETs. Monitoring and protection features are implemented to protect the system from hazards such as short-circuits, over-current or over-voltage events and other abnormal conditions. A predriver MOSFET increases safety by turning off all valves in the event of system problems.

The reference design is supported by an NXP Processor Expert® embedded component for the MC34SB0800. This component provides access to all the valve driver features such as writing/reading SPI registers, initialisation, monitoring and control of drivers.

The MC34SB0800 is suitable for loads with a high inrush current, and can drive them at frequencies up to 5kHz.

The device is suited to use in harsh environments.


  • Supply-voltage range: 6V to 36V
  • Valve drivers have low on-resistance
  • Switch-off energy drained by digital valve driver so no freewheeling diode required
  • All actuators controllable via SPI
  • 10-bit ADC
  • Integrated DC pump motor predriver controller


  • Medical
    - Oxygen flow control
    - Blood pressure monitoring
  • Industrial
    - Heavy equipment
    - Irrigation systems
    - Cooling systems
    - Petrol pump
  • Consumer devices
    - Soda dispensers
    - 3D printers
    - Shower/bath systems

The TWR-SB0800-36EVB for the MC34SB0800 SoC operates with any NXP microcontroller Tower Board.

Orderable Part Number: TWR-SB0800-36EVB