ON Semiconductor – New IPMs for industrial motor drives reach unparalleled power-density levels 


ON Semiconductor has released two new parts which extend its large SPM® 3 family of Integrated Power Modules (IPMs). The devices implement the control, gate-driving and power-stage functions of a three-phase inverter in a single compact package.
The FNB35060T, which has a 600V maximum voltage rating, is now available with a 50A rating. The FSBB20CH120D, rated for a 1,200V breakdown voltage, is now available with a 20A rating. Either module provides
a quick and easy means to implement the inverter in variable-frequency electric motors.

The FNB35060T module provides a fully- featured, high-performance inverter output stage for AC induction, brushless DC and permanent magnet synchronous motors. The module’s integrated gate drivers are tightly
matched to the specifications of the built-in IGBTs, resulting in low EMI and power losses.

Multiple protection features include under- voltage lock-out, over-current shut-down, thermal monitoring of the drive IC, and fault reporting.

The integrated high-speed high-voltage IC requires only a single supply voltage, and translates the incoming logic-level gate inputs to the high-voltage, high-current signals required to properly drive the module’s IGBTs at a current of up to 50A.

Separate negative IGBT terminals are available for each phase to support the widest variety of control algorithms.

Both the FNB35060T and the FSBB20CH120D modules are housed in a package measuring 44mm x 26.8mm x 5.5mm which has a thermally efficient Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) aluminium nitride substrate.


  • Very low thermal resistance
  • Built-in bootstrap diodes
  • Open-Emitter pins separate from low-side IGBTs for three-phase current sensing
  • Single grounded power supply
  • 2,500Vrms/1 minute isolation rating


  • High-power air conditioners
  • Industrial inverters
  • Industrial pumps
  • Industrial fans