Recom – Boost regulator module for single-cell batteries offers low stand-by power consumption


RECOM’s new R-78S boost switching regulator module is intended for use in IoT devices powered by a single-cell battery.

Combining a wide input-voltage range, high efficiency and low stand-by losses, the R-78S regulator extends the working lifetime of single- cell batteries by maintaining a stable 3.3V output all the way down to the cut-off voltage at which the battery is fully discharged.

Easy to integrate in end-product designs, the R-78S boost regulator is able to provide a stable 3.3V output from an input voltage ranging from 3.15V to 0.65V.

This means that devices such as microcontrollers, wireless modules or IoT systems can be supplied from a single 1.5V cell, providing a longer run-time than systems powered by a conventional 3V button battery.

The efficiency of the R-78S series can reach 93% at full load, and over 90% even at light loads. No-load current is 160μA, falling to 7μA when the Control pin is used.

An integrated under-voltage lock-out circuit protects rechargeable cells from damage due to deep discharging. The R-78S is certified as compliant with the new EN62368-1 standard.


  • >80% efficiency at 10% load
  • Continuous short-circuit protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Operating-temperature range:
    -40°C to 100°C
  • Three-year warranty


  • IoT sensors and transmitters
  • Remote monitoring and data-logging systems
  • Planned-maintenance systems