Vishay – AC filtering film capacitors offer stable capacitance and ESR in humid environments


Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a series of metallised polypropylene AC filtering film capacitors which are capable of withstanding extremely humid operating conditions.

The Vishay MKP1847H is the industry’s first series of full-range AC filtering film capacitors to be capable of withstanding Temperature Humidity Bias (THB) testing without altering its electrical characteristics. In a THB test, the device is operated at its maximum rated voltage for 1,000 hours at a temperature of 85°C and at 85% relative humidity.

The MKP1847H capacitors are intended for use in input and output filtering functions in high-power inverters. They provide extremely stable capacitance and ESR values over a long service life, regardless of the environmental conditions in which they must operate.


  • Rated capacitance: 1μF to 35μF
  • ESR as low as 3mΩ
  • Ripple-current capability up to 24.5A
  • Rated voltages:
    250V AC, 310V AC, 350V AC or 480V AC


  • Renewable energy inverters
  • Uninterruptible power supplies