Future Electronics – Development board demonstrates thermal video imaging at 80 x 60px resolution


Future Electronics has developed a ready-made hardware and software platform for streaming thermal video images using a thermal imaging camera and the Future Electronics/ Microsemi Creative Board.

The system may be used for people movement applications such as occupancy sensing and, in combination with video analytics software, for detecting the flow of movement of crowds of people. Because it uses an IR camera, it works equally well in dark or lit environments.

The video-streaming capability is implemented in three main functional blocks:

• Continuous capture of thermal images by an IR camera module
• Data processing by an FPGA and provision of a Video-over-SPI (VoSPI) interface
• Graphical user interface implemented via a PC application on a display screen

The thermal camera is a FLIR Lepton Long- Wave Infrared (LWIR) camera module. The smallest LWIR module available to OEMs, it captures infrared radiation inputs over a wide 50° field of view, and outputs a uniform thermal image which has a resolution of 80 x 60 pixels.

Integrated digital thermal image-processing functions include automatic compensation for the thermal environment, noise filters, non- uniformity correction and gain control.

In the Future Electronics system, the FLIR Lepton module is mounted in an expansion header on the Creative Board, a system developed jointly by Future Electronics
and Microsemi to enable development with the Microsemi IGLOO2 (M2GL025) or SmartFusion2 (M2S025) FPGAs.

In the IR video streaming design, video processing is performed by the IGLOO2 FPGA. An FPGA such as the IGLOO2 is an ideal type of device for handling large data throughputs. It also provides excellent support for various video interfaces including VoSPI.

The Creative Board also demonstrates Microsemi’s ultra-fast hysteretic class of switching regulators for applications requiring a small footprint and high efficiency.

• Microsemi M2GL025 FPGA
• Microsemi LX7167A step-down converter
• 512Mbit DDR2 SDRAM from Alliance Memory
• 64Mbit serial Flash from Microchip
• Six-channel delta-sigma ADC from Microchip
• Microsemi Embedded FlashPro 5
• User buttons and LED
Orderable Part Number: FUTUREM2GL-EVB