Microchip – LoRa module provides long range and low data rate for occupancy-sensing applications


The RN2483 from Microchip is a highly integrated LoRa® wireless modem which provides a long-range, low-power link to a remote gateway for sensors and other devices used in wide-area people-movement applications.

Occupancy and presence sensing, an increasingly popular people-movement application, can benefit from both the long range and low data rate of a LoRaWANTM network. In large public buildings such as offices, infrared occupancy sensors can detect in real time the number of people in each room. This enables unused or under-used space to be allocated efficiently to those who need it, as well as helping to limit the provision of services such as lighting and heating to spaces where they are needed.

A LoRaWAN link is ideal for such applications:
• it offers a high maximum link budget of up to 162dBm, enabling signals from a LoRa endpoint such as an occupancy sensor to reach a remote gateway in a challenging environment such as an office building. Walls and floors attenuate RF signals, but a LoRa link typically has a range of 2km even in built-up areas.

• LoRaWAN network technology enables protection of the privacy of a building’s users, since it was not designed to carry video signals or streaming audio. Its adaptive data rate can be as low as 0.3kbits/s.

Microchip’s RN2483 provides a ready-made implementation of a LoRaWAN modem which can be quickly and easily integrated into a complete wireless sensor design alongside any microcontroller. The RN2483 includes a complete LoRaWAN protocol stack, and is easy to configure via simple ASCII commands through a UART interface to the host MCU, greatly reducing development time.

The 17.8mm × 26.7mm × 3mm module provides 14 general-purpose IOs, giving the flexibility to connect and control a large number of sensors and actuators while occupying little space.

The RN2483 is used to provide LoRa connectivity on the SODAQ ONE, a feature-rich Arduino-compatible development board for wireless sensing.

• Low power consumption for battery life longer than 10 years
• Operates in 433MHz and 868MHz RF bands
• Supply-voltage range: 2.1V-3.6V
• Excellent interference immunity
• AES-128 encryption
• European R&TTE directive assessed radio modem
Orderable Part Number: DM164138