Microsemi – Lowest-cost mid-range density FPGA kit features PolarFire FPGA


Future Electronics has lowered the barriers for designers to access the lowest-power, cost-optimised mid-range density PolarFireTM FPGA family with the introduction of the Avalanche Development Kit, a feature-rich, low-cost development kit which enables designers to quickly implement prototype systems based on the mid-range PolarFireTM family of FPGAs from Microsemi.

The Avalanche board features a Microsemi PolarFire non-volatile FPGA that has 300,000 logic elements. This cost-optimised FPGA offers up to 50% lower power, has proven security features, gives exceptional reliability and is ideal for a broad range of applications.

To enable designers to quickly implement commonly required functions, the Avalanche Kit carries numerous peripheral components alongside the PolarFire FPGA. These include:
• a Panasonic PAN9320 Wi-Fi® networking module
• 64Mbits of serial Flash memory
• 4Gbits of DDR3 synchronous DRAM
• a Microsemi VSC8531 Gigabit Ethernet PHY
• USB communication and Embedded FlashPro5 programming from Microsemi

Future Electronics has also equipped the Avalanche board with three standard connectors directly interfaced to the PolarFire FPGA to enable developers to implement their choice of peripheral components, such as sensors, drivers, displays or wireless modules. These connectors are for:
• ArduinoTM shield,
• mikroBUSTM socket
• Pmod connector/interface


  • USB-to-UART bridge
  • Six-channel delta-sigma ADC
  • Two user buttons
  • Reset button


  • Wireline access equipment
  • Imaging and video
  • Cellular telephone infrastructure
  • Military and aerospace equipment
  • Process control and automation
  • Industrial IoT devices
  • Factory automation
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Industrial networking

Orderable Part Number: AVMPF300TS-00