Nexperia – New automotive power MOSFET package gives space saving of 80%


Nexperia has introduced a family of automotive power MOSFETs in a new LFPAK33 package which has a footprint more than 80% smaller than that of industry-standard devices. The new, thermally-enhanced MOSFETs help automotive designers to implement rugged, compact power systems.

The Nexperia LFPAK33 package features an internal copper clip which helps to lower resistance and inductance. This in turn reduces the MOSFET’s on-resistance and keeps conduction losses to a very low level.

The package occupies an extremely small footprint with an area of just 10.9mm2. Because no wires or glue are used internally, it can withstand operating junction temperatures of up to 175°C.

Nexperia’s broad portfolio of BUK7M and BUK9M MOSFETs in an LFPAK33 package includes devices which can handle a drain current as high as 70A. Voltage ratings for the MOSFETs range between 30V and 100V, and on-resistance values go down to 5.2mΩ.


  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Package absorbs thermal and mechanical stresses
  • Exposed leads allow for easy optical inspection
  • Good ability to withstand high transient voltages
  • Package height <1mm


  • Automotive powertrain
  • Body control
  • Chassis and safety systems
  • Engine management systems
  • LED lighting
  • Relay replacement
  • Communications, infotainment and navigation systems
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)