NXP – New ARM Cortex-M0+-based MCUs offer low-cost, low-power option for industrial and consumer applications


NXP Semiconductors has extended its LPC800 series of ARM® Cortex®-M0+ core-based microcontrollers with the LPC84x family, which provides a cost- effective MCU option for industrial or consumer applications.

The new LPC84x MCUs, which operate at a frequency as high as 30MHz, offer up to 16 kbytes of SRAM, as well as a Fast Initialisation Memory (FAIM) used to configure the part at start-up. In addition, up to 64 kbytes of Flash memory are provided, organised in small 64-byte pages suitable for EEPROM emulation.

The MCUs feature exceptional power efficiency in low-current mode using an on- board free-running oscillator as the device’s clock source. They provide five power modes in total, as well as power-profile Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which make it simple to optimise run-time power consumption.

The peripheral complement of the LPC84x MCU family includes an accurate 12-channel, 12-bit ADC which operates at a rate of 1.2Msamples/s.


This ADC can be operated in oversampling mode to improve conversion accuracy. Flexible triggers help to optimise power use. The MCU also has a two-channel, 10-bit DAC.

The functions of I/O ports in the LPC84x MCUs may be configured through a switch matrix. Up to 54 general-purpose I/O pins are available.

The devices feature a full range of timing features, from basic timers to an advanced state-controlled timer and a PWM.


  • Capacitive touch interface
  • Four I2C interfaces
  • Two serial peripheral interfaces
  • Five UART interfaces
  • 25-channel DMA controller
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) engine
  • Analogue comparator
  • Input pattern-match engine


  • Sensor gateways
  • Industrial equipment
  • Gaming controllers
  • Consumer devices
  • Climate control
  • Simple motor control
  • Portable and wearable devices
  • Lighting
  • Fire and security equipment


The LPCXpresso845MAX board is compatible with the MCUXpresso integrated development environment and with other popular toolchains including IAR and Keil®.

Orderable Part Number: OM13097