Panasonic – Aluminium electrolytic capacitors provide more capacitance in smaller can size


Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems’ miniature FKS series of aluminium electrolytic capacitors can be used by electronics designers to both save space and increase system reliability.

The FKS series capacitors offer a dramatic increase in the ratio of capacitance to volume compared to earlier products. The newer devices provide as much as three times more capacitance than Panasonic’s popular FK series in the same can size.

For example, the 25V 33μF FKS capacitor is available in a 4mm x 5.8mm can size: the volume of this can is just 30% that of the previous generation of parts. The highest capacitance offered by any FK series capacitor in a 4mm x 5.8mm can is 10μF.

This means that a design requiring capacitance of 30μF that currently uses three 10μF FK series capacitors can replace the older devices with a single FKS series part. This reduction in part count not only saves space but also increases the reliability of the system, since with a smaller number of components the chances of component failure are reduced.


  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Vibration-proof versions available which withstand 30g shock
  • Operating-temperature range: -55°C to 105°C
  • 2,000h minimum lifetime at 105°C


  • Industrial automation equipment
  • Automotive systems
  • Power management
  • Audio equipment
  • White goods