Panasonic – High-performance power relay efficiently switches up to 90A


The DZ-S normally open relay from Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems has a high switching capability of 90A at 250V AC, making it suitable for demanding applications in home and building automation.

Residential smart meters, for instance, are an increasingly important link between power suppliers and end-users, monitoring energy distribution at both a local and a regional level. The DZ-S relay has a sufficiently high current rating to act as the central switching element between the main power line and the distribution unit in the home.

A bi-stable relay available in versions with one or two coils, the DZ-S consumes no power after a short on or off pulse. Operating power consumption when latching a single coil is just 1.5W. Two-coil latching consumes 3W.

This low power consumption reduces the rate of the relay’s self-heating, which means that the power element of the control unit in which it is embedded can be made smaller. The relay is itself a compact design, measuring 30mm x 38.5mm x 17.5mm.

The DZ-S can handle short-circuits of up to 3kA, in conformance to the IEC 62055-31 UC3 standard.

Different kinds of terminal arrangements can be provided. This makes it possible in many cases to configure the shape of the terminal lugs, the length of the discrete wires or an optional shunt.


  • 1 Form A contact arrangement
  • 4kV breakdown voltage between coil and contact
  • 12kV surge breakdown voltage
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Coil voltage options: 5V, 12V or 24V DC
  • 20ms maximum operate and release times


  • Smart meters
  • Building automation
  • Factory automation