Vishay – Low-voltage MOSFETs in dual asymmetric package save space and power in automotive buck converters


Vishay Intertechnology’s AEC-Q101 qualified SQJ202EP is a 12V MOSFET in a dual asymmetric power package which enables designers of automotive systems to save space and power in synchronous buck converters. The similar Vishay SQJ200EP MOSFET has a 20V rating.

The N-channel TrenchFET® devices combine a high- and a low-side MOSFET in a compact 5mm x 6mm PowerPAK® dual asymmetric package. By co-packaging two MOSFETs in an asymmetric package, with a larger low-side MOSFET for lower on-resistance and a smaller high-side MOSFET for faster switching, Vishay provides a high-performance alternative to standard dual devices, which do not offer the optimum combination of MOSFETs for high-current, high-frequency synchronous buck converters.

Compared to designs using discrete components, the SQJ200EP or SQJ202EP occupy less board space and can enable the designer to implement a more compact PCB layout.

The MOSFETs support high-temperature operation at up to 175°C. The SQJ202EP is well suited to applications with bus voltages of ≤8V, and offers extremely low maximum on- resistance of as little as 3.3mΩ at the low-side MOSFET.

For applications with higher bus voltages, the 20V SQJ200EP features a slightly higher maximum on-resistance of 3.7mΩ.

Part NumberSQJ202EPSQJ200EP
Channel1, 21, 2
Drain-source Voltage (V)1220
Maximum On-resistance (Ω)At 10V gate-source voltage6.5, 3.38.8, 3.7
Maximum On-resistance (Ω)At 4.5V gate-source voltage9.3, 4.512.4, 5.0
Total Gate Charge (nC)At 10V gate-source voltage14.5, 35.912, 29
Drain Current (A)20, 6020, 60


  • 100% tested for gate resistance and avalanche energy
  • Operating-temperature range: -55°C to 175°C
  • ±100nA gate-source leakage current


  • Infotainment systems
  • Telematics
  • Car navigation systems
  • Automotive LED lighting