C&K – Tact switches offer wide choice of size, haptics and resistance options


The KSC series of tactile switches from C&K Switches offers important customisation options to meet most application requirements. The excellent performance characteristics that these devices can offer are the result of more than 15 years of development by C&K to improve their performance and quality and to extend the product options.

In fact, the KSC series is more than a product family with defined characteristics: it is a system in which configurations can be combined to deliver a complete switch solution. Actuator, dome and housing options can be configured to obtain the right dimensions, haptics and resistance to meet environmental requirements.

By offering the right mix of options, the KSC series enables designers to meet specific customer requirements in terms of haptics and durability.

C&K also offers the KMR6 and KMR7 No Ground pin (NG) switches. These parts are waterproof with an IP67 rating, reliable and resistant to vibrations. This makes them perfect for products such as personal health monitoring systems, in which they resist common cleaning chemicals, and car door handles, in which they are weather-proof.

C&K’s KMR6 NG and KMR7 NG switches are compact, with a footprint of 2.8mm x 4.2mm. The KMR6 is 1.9mm high, and the KMR7 is 2.5mm high.


  • Gullwing terminations
  • Travel: 0.2mm-0.35mm
  • Soft actuator
  • Choice of four actuation forces between 1.2N and 4N


  • Industrial equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer products