Nexperia – New miniature TVS diodes ideal for interfaces with high surge-protection requirements


Nexperia has announced the introduction of three families of miniature Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) diodes which are available in space-saving packages intended for use in portable devices. All the new parts feature high surge ratings and high peak pulse power, and are suitable for demanding applications.

Occupying just 1mm x 0.6mm of PCB space in its DFN1006-2/SOD882 package, and just 0.5mm high, the new PTVS4V5D1BL TVS diode delivers very good clamping characteristics and a typical surge capability of 38.3A for an 8/20μA pulse, which is the industry benchmark for a device of this size and specification.

The new PTVSxZ1USK series includes ten new diode types in a reverse stand-off voltage range from 5V to 26V. These tiny devices measure just 1.6mm x 0.8mm, and their DSN1608-2/SOD964 package is just 0.29mm high.

This is a markedly lower package height than that of devices currently available in this performance class, which are usually 0.5mm high.

These Nexperia parts handle surges of up to 100A for an 8/20μA pulse. They also have very low dynamic resistance of 0.06Ω.

Three new 20V, 22V and 24V parts complete Nexperia’s PTVSxU1UPA TVS diode family, which now comprises nine diodes covering a range from 7.5V to 26V. These parts come in the DFN2020-3 (SOT1061) package, which has a footprint of 2mm x 2mm and a profile of just 0.62mm.

Surge rating is up to a maximum of 178A for an 8/20μA pulse. Peak pulse power is up to 300W for a 10/1,000μs pulse. These parts are suitable for the protection of USB Power Delivery circuits.


  • 1nA leakage current
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • 30kV ESD capability
  • Easier routing than surge-protection arrays or integrated over-voltage protection solutions


  • Battery power circuits
  • Audio ports
  • Charger ports
  • Battery connectors
  • Hard disks and solid-state drives
  • USB Power Delivery interfaces