Nexperia – Space-saving MOSFET package gives excellent thermal and electrical performance



Nexperia’s MOSFETs in small DFN2020 packages, available with voltage ratings up to 100V, offer the same electrical performance as larger gullwing packages while giving a >50% space saving.

The Nexperia DFN2020 parts occupy a mounting area of just 4mm2 but have similar thermal resistance to a MOSFET housed in a standard SO-8 package. The DFN2020 MOSFETs are optimised for high switching performance and low on-resistance, making them ideal as load switches for batteries and chargers, and for use in DC-DC converters in portable devices.

The Nexperia 2.0mm x 2.0mm six-lead MOSFETs are available in two versions of the DFN package: the DFN2020-6, and the DFN2020MD-6 which comes with tin-plated solderable side pads, also known as wettable flanks, for easy inspection of solder joints.


  • N-channel and P-channel MOSFET versions available
  • On-resistance values as low as 10mΩ
  • Maximum drain current values up to 13A
  • Low drive voltage, typically 0.65V
  • Maximum voltage range: 12V to 100V
  • >3kV ESD protection


  • Relay drivers
  • High-speed line drivers
  • Low-side load switches
  • Switching power-conversion circuits