NXP – New ‘crossover’ processor marries high performance and integration with ease of use


NXP Semiconductors has introduced the i.MX RT1050, the first part in its new i.MX RT series of real-time applications processors.

The i.MX RT series is a family of so- called ‘crossover processors’, which bridges the gap between traditional microcontrollers and i.MX applications processors, giving MCU users a means to gain valuable performance and integration improvements without sacrificing the ease-of-use of an MCU environment.

Crossover processors are built using an applications processor’s chassis, and offer a high level of integration, high-speed peripherals, enhanced security, and dedicated engines for an enhanced user experience, such as 2D and 3D graphics. But unlike a pure applications processor, they are powered by a low-power MCU core running a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).

A crossover processor helps designers, who use an MCU, to move up to an applications processor level of performance while staying with their current tool chain, and potentially avoiding the time, cost and difficulty incurred when adding a Linux or other high-level operating system to their product design cycle.

The i.MX RT1050 offers high-performance real-time processing through its ARM® Cortex®-M7 core operating at up to 600MHz, 50% faster than current Cortex-M7 cores. Interrupt latency is just 20ns, and the chip provides up to 512kbytes of tightly-coupled memory.

Integrated features include an AES-128 encryption engine, a 2D graphics acceleration engine, a parallel camera sensor interface, a WXGA LCD controller, and an audio interface with three I2S channels.


  • Supports MCUXpresso software development kit and configuration tools
  • Backed by NXP’s FreeRTOS software development kit
  • Supports ARM mbed ecosystem
  • Single-voltage input for simple power system design
  • Fast Ethernet media access controller
  • Two Hi-Speed USB 2.0 controllers and PHYs


  • Audio sub-systems such as professional microphones, guitar pedals
  • Smart appliances
  • Cameras
  • Home and building automation
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Factory automation equipment
  • Test and measurement instruments
  • Robotics
  • Motor control and power conversion


The MIMXRT1050-EVK development board includes 256Mbits of SDRAM memory, 512Mbits of HyperFlash, a footprint for QSPI Flash and a socket for an SD card. It also features a parallel LCD connector, camera connector and an audio codec.

Orderable Part Number: MIMXRT1050-EVK