STMicroelectronics – New MCUs with on-chip digital filter backed by extended development ecosystem


STMicroelectronics has begun volume production of three new low-power STM32L4 microcontrollers supported by a development ecosystem based on the easy-to-use and affordable STM32Cube platform.

The STM32L451, STM32L452 and STM32L462 parts integrate a Digital Filter for Sigma-Delta Modulators (DFSDM), enabling advanced audio capabilities such as noise cancellation or sound localisation on
an inexpensive microcontroller. Up to 512kbytes of on-chip Flash and 160kbytes of SRAM provide generous code and data storage.

The new MCUs feature a true random number generator, which streamlines development of security-conscious applications such as connected smart devices. The STM32L462 also features an AES-256 cryptographic hardware accelerator.

Other features include smart analogue peripherals such as a 12-bit, 5Msamples/s ADC, an internal voltage reference, and ultra low-power comparators. There are multiple timers, a motor-control channel and a temperature sensor. The STM32L452 also has a crystal-less USB2.0 controller.

The development ecosystem includes the STM32CubeMX initialisation-code generator and STM32CubeL4 package comprising middleware components, Nucleo-64 board support package, hardware abstraction layer and low-layer APIs. The STM32CubeMX has a power-estimation wizard which assists low-power design, and additional wizards for managing clock signals and pin assignments.


  • 36μA/MHz active-mode current
  • 375nA current in stand-by mode with real-time clock
  • EEMBC® CoreMark® score of 273
  • ULPBenchTM score of 245
  • Up to 21 capacitive sensing channels
  • Quad SPI memory interface


  • Portable devices
  • IoT edge nodes
  • Wearable devices
  • Consumer electronics


ArduinoTM Uno V3 connectivity support and ST morpho headers allow the user to expand the functionality of the STM32 Nucleo open development platform with a wide choice of specialised shields.

Orderable Part Number: NUCLEO-L452RE