Vishay – Analogue switch saves space and improves signal integrity


Vishay Intertechnology’s new DG2788A is a dual double-pole double-throw/ quad Single-Pole Double-Throw (SPDT) analogue switch which features low resistance of 0.37Ω at 2.7V. Ideal for both analogue and digital signal switching in space-constrained consumer, medical and industrial applications, the DG2788A offers improved resistance flatness, signal integrity, parasitic capacitance and bandwidth.

While competing devices with similar resistance offer resistance flatness of 500mΩ, the DG2788A’s flatness is 10mΩ, which results in an improved total harmonic distortion characteristic of -100dB. In addition, the switch’s on-state parasitic capacitance of 26pF, and 14.5pF in the off-state, are 70% lower, producing -3dB bandwidth of 338MHz, more than three times higher than that of competing devices.

The switch handles an extended supply- voltage range up to 5.5V to accommodate the 5V power rails commonly used in industrial designs. For 5V operation, competing devices rely on large package sizes to achieve resistance values below 0.5Ω. By contrast, the DG2788A is housed in a compact 2.6mm x 1.8mm x 0.55mm QFN package.

The DG2788A is capable of routing high- frequency, wide-swing pulsing signals. It supports >80MHz rail-to-rail pulses with a >200mA load current, making it ideal for precision PWM power loads in designs such as shape-memory alloy actuators. The device can also be used to replace a relay in portable instrumentation and industrial equipment.

The DG2788A features four independently selectable SPDT switches and two control inputs. All switches conduct equally well in both directions, and may be used as multiplexers and de-multiplexers.


  • Break-before-make switching
  • Power-down protection
  • Power-supply range: 1.8V to 5.5V
  • Low-voltage TTL/CMOS compatible
  • >2kV ESD tolerance
  • 300mA latch-up current


  • Actuators
  • Portable consumer devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Computer peripherals
  • Data-storage devices
  • Cameras
  • Industrial control
  • Instrumentation