Vishay – Low-profile power inductors save space in portable electronics devices


Vishay Intertechnology has introduced two series of low-profile power inductors intended for use in the DC- DC converters in portable electronic devices.

Offered in compact cases with a profile as low as 1.0mm, the Vishay IFL and IFLS series devices offer high inductance values of up to 100μH which are normally only available in larger components.

The small package sizes of the IFL and IFLS inductors enable system designers to save space and gain valuable design flexibility in the layout of the board.

The inductors feature a ferrite core with a polyurethane enamelled copper wire and an epoxy resin adhesive. Shielded IFLS devices protect nearby components from magnetic radiation, while the non-shielded IFL series inductors offer higher saturation-current ratings.

Part NumberIFL-1212AZIFL-1616AEIFL-2020BZIFLS-1212ABIFLS-1616AEIFLS-2020BZ
Case size121216162020121216162020
Profile (mm)
Inductance (μH)1.0 to 221.0 to 1000.47 to 1001.0 to 331.0 to 1001.0 to 68
Typical DC Resistance (mΩ)64 to 100048 to 246042 to 144055 to 121043 to 173043 to 650
Maximum DC Resistance (mΩ)77 to 120058 to 295250 to 172866 to 145252 to 207652 to 780
Heat Rating Current (A)0.40 to 1.700.25 to 1.850.40 to 2.600.25 to 1.800.30 to 2.300.50 to 2.60
Saturation Current (A)0.33 to 1.500.33 to 3.600.55 to 7.500.26 to 1.500.27 to 2.300.46 to 3.80


  • Supports power-switching frequencies up to 5MHz
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 105°C


  • Servers and computers
  • Low-profile, high-current power supplies
  • Point-of-load converters
  • DC-DC converters for distributed power systems and FPGAs